Hello everyone, welcome to Recce’s Contrivances (formerly Recce RallySport)!

I’ve been a rallying fan for as long as I can remember and I have the sport to thank for my undeniable love for cars. In my youth, we followed our father, a soldier, to his various assignments around the world. In mid-1985, one of them gave us the incredible opportunity to be stationed in Germany at the peak of the golden era of rallying. I completely fell in love with the Group B rally machines; the speed, the power, the looks, the audacity of it all! Our adventure in Europe was cut short, as was Group B, and in early 1987 we came back to our home country, this time for good.

Before gaining confidence in my skills, I had made some questionable decisions with the cars that I’ve owned, which led me to get rid of my beloved 1980’s Audi Coupé quattro and Mazda 323 GTX. Then, a decade later, this led me to purchase a new car (Subaru Impreza WRX STi) to have it professionally built. Not long after, I’ve met the woman whom would become my fiancée a year later. Unfortunately, she suffers from a degenerative disease that melted my wallet to almost nothing, hence “killing” most of my previous ambitions. I knew then that I would never afford my dreams of competing in rallies. However, meeting my fiancée gave me the determination to keep the car, trust my skills, and see my replacement projects through. When my life’s circumstances changed, I took all the liberties normally disallowed by the rules to create my own vision of a rally car instead. This website is mainly dedicated to this project but also includes my various DIY adventures. I consider the journey behind each project as being more important than the end result.

The project in itself went through various phases over the years and has since shifted towards trying to create a unique “tribute” Group B rally car (not a replica).  It wasn’t a logical choice but the nostalgic link to the 1980’s, be it music, movies, cars, etc, is still something that gives me much solace from time to time and shall never go away! The music of the era and the memories they spark give me much comfort. After all, I consider the 80’s as the only decade in my life where I had no doubts and no real problems. Hence, nostalgia, not logic, now drives my passion for the project.

Please note that I do ALL the work myself (except ECU tuning) in my own modest home garage with the lowest allowable budget possible versus my build plans since I constantly have to battle lack of funds and my own health issues. While the rally car project may look costly at first glance, you’d be surprised to learn how little money I invested in it overall (barely $1,200 yearly average since 2003). This is the advantage of DIY’ing by recycling old materials or universal parts, hence my occasional referral to the term “rat rally”. My designs are inspired by the Japanese mantra of Wabi-Sabi 侘寂 (for an explanatory video, CLICK HERE), the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang 陰陽, and various other sources in motorsport such as rally Group B & Pikes Peak.

I had originally renamed the car the “Recce RS (RallySport)” or “RRS” for short, but a suggestion & vote by online peers made it officially “WaBi~SaBi” to honour what it actually reflects; an imperfect contraption, ever changing, with flaws and compromises, built by dreams and hard work, all of which bears fruit to a unique creation. As some may see as decay, others will see expression. Remember, the more that something is customised to the owner’s taste, the least likely that other people will like it. As such, this project is a love it or hate it kind of thing. If you do not comprehend the mantra of “wabi~sabi” then simply close the tab and go on with your life as it is of no use that you continue reading.

Again, this project is not for everyone. However, if you have read this far, chances are that you may like or at least respect it. Firstly, please read THIS PROJECT SUMMARY which includes a quick resume of each phase and a related build video. Afterwards, if you would like to learn more about the intricate details of the project and view lots of build pictures, you are free to apply for the password that will allow you to display the updates on your browser: PLEASE REFER TO THIS F.A.Q. TO APPLY.

Best regards,


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