• 1.1) This website was created for entertainment purposes and to serve as a “cyber” project journal to the website’s owner. As such, it may contain offensive language, videos, or pictures. Discretion is advised.
  • 1.2) Replicating any of the; vehicle modifications, fabrication, or driving, either written or shown, in part or in full, is a potential hazard that can result in serious injury or death. Attempt at own risk!
  • 1.3) This website, including all of its content, is for private use only.
  • 1.4) For the pages/posts that are publicly accessible without a password, sharing them on social media is permitted, but it is obligatory that you publicly acknowledge the author and this website as the source.
  • 1.5) For the pages/posts that are labelled as “Protected:” and require a password to access, the content found within (text, pictures, videos) must remain private and cannot be shared on social media. Any violation will result in an immediate ban of your rights to access these sections.
  • 1.6) In no way shall you attempt to illegally gain access to the password other than going through the registration process. The password must remain private and cannot be shared in any way. Any violation will result in an immediate ban of your rights to access the protected sections.
  • 1.7) The website owner reserves the right to permanently reject, restrict access, edit, or delete any comment or material posted on this website without prior notice. This includes changing the password required to access the protected sections without your consent or prior notice.
  • 1.8) The website owner reserves the right to cancel any subscription, including your rights to the password, without prior notice.
  • 1.9) By accessing this website you agree to all the terms above and shall in no way attempt to harm, discredit, or alienate the website and its owner.


  • 2.1) Comments for the purpose of commercial exposure or monetary gains are strictly prohibited. If you wish to advertise please use this CONTACT form.
  • 2.2) Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if you don’t like the content found within the website then stop reading and refrain from posting negative comments either here or elsewhere.
  • 2.3) This website and its owner have no other iteration and are not found on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. If you find any website, blog, forum, and/or person attempting to impersonate this website or owner, then please use this CONTACT form to report it.


  • 3.1) It is forbidden to use the content found within this website for the purpose of your financial gain or commercial exposure. This includes, but not limited to, using the text and imagery to fabricate and sell your own version of the unique design(s) found within.
  • 3.2) Private use of the unprotected pages/posts and their sharing on social media is otherwise permitted. However, it is obligatory that you publicly acknowledge the author and this website as the source.
  • 3.3) The texts, pictures, and videos of the various projects contained within this website are copyrighted to the author/owner and are not to be used or copied by anyone else for a purpose other than browsing. This includes screen-capturing. However, special permission can be given on a case to case basis, please inquire by using this CONTACT form.
  • 3.4) This website may contain third party sourced videos, music, and pictures. They are used for non commercial purposes, without financial gain, and displayed as entertainment and/or for historical preservation purposes only. If you are the copyright owner of such material found within this website and have reservations, objections, or questions about the use of your property, please contact this website’s owner via this CONTACT form before taking legal action.


  • 4.1) It is possible for the parent host of this website to provide advertisement at the bottom of each webpage. If such advertisement is present, this website’s owner is not responsible for the content, nature, and actions of the advertiser(s).
  • 4.2) If advertisement is present elsewhere on the website (such as in the sidebar), it is a courtesy given to the advertiser by this website’s owner.


  • 5.1) Any donation given shall be considered as a personal gift to the website owner and used at the latter’s discretion.
  • 5.2) Any donation cannot be returned, refunded, claimed as tax credit, or used as a means to coerce the website’s owner.
  • 5.3) All donations shall be anonymous and private.
  • 5.4) By donating, you agree to the terms listed above.

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