’80s MUSIC / 1989 – The Grand Finale!

For the last year of the eighties, I’ll be adding some songs released in early to mid ’90 too. My logic for this is that they were most likely written or recorded in ’89, which for me still counts as almighty ’80s music… Enjoy!

Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence (1989-90)

Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth (1989-90)

Alannah Myles – Black Velvet (1989)

I must include these ones since it’s the first songs my fiancée and I danced to:

The Bangles – Eternal Flame (1989)

Bad English – When I See You Smile (1989)

Retro covers were still in 1989…

(The song starts at 0:30)

Buster Pointdexter & His Banshees – Hit the Road Jack (1989 cover)

Honeymoon Suite – Still Lovin’ You (1989)

Before the Macarena, there was this…

Kaoma – Lambada (1989)

Madonna – Like a Prayer (1989)

Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract (1989)

R.E.M. was probably the group that kept the “’80s sound” the longest into the mid 90s…

R.E.M. – Stand (1989)

Roxette – The Look (1989)

Roxette – Listen to Your Heart (1989)

Roy Orbison – You Got It (1989)

Samantha Fox – I Only Wanna Be With You (1989 cover)

Slowly, a new trend of dance music was creeping up to make clubs resound with eighties reverberation until the mid nineties…

Technotronic – Pump Up the Jam (1989)

Wilson Phillips – Hold On (1989-90)

Something to do with a 1989 baseball movie or something… 😉

X- Wild Thing (1989 cover)

MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This (1989-90)

The “vibe” was not quite over yet!

The Human League – Heart Like a Wheel (1989-90)

That’s nearly all she wrote…

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (1989-90)

All good things must sadly come to an end. Almighty eighties music, you shall forever be in our hearts (and ears). You were simply…

Tina Turner – The Best (1989 cover)

Did you like the ’80s compilation? Remembering that all music choices are personal, did I miss a song you strongly feel should be included on my blog? Use the CONTACT ME form to let me know or use the comment box in the particular year’s page!

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