I grew up in the 1980s so I am VERY found of the music of the era, especially the New Wave, Synth/Electro-Pop, and Synth-Rock genres. You know, music with the reverb knob turned all the way up! When I work in the garage, my extensive collection of 80’s tunes is my constant companion and provide me with flashbacks to my past. Sometimes a song triggers memories, well more like a state of mind I had when hearing it as a boy, and I have to stop working to “relive” them. These are highly personal moments for me, much preferred in solitude, and they actually highly impact the decision making in the work in progress. Nostalgia driven emotions, not logic, drives my passion for many aspects of my life.


1980   1981   1982   1983   1984

1985   1986   1987   1988   1989

There is MANY more titles but I will link ONLY those I like best and prioritize the video clip version even if the audio quality is sometimes lower. For your curiosity, under each video will be a link to a Wikipedia article concerning the song and/or artist(s). You never know what you may learn! Alternatively, if the videos don’t interest you, you can use the playlist widget “Jay’s 80s Mix Tape” (in the bottom right sidebar) to simply start a song and enjoy the sound of awesomeness!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for any breach of copyrights or infringement for the songs posted here. I am merely providing links and do not own the YouTube accounts responsible for them.

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