19 comments on “BLOG NEWS / Small Hurdle Before the Finish

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my STi. The engine is toast, so who knows…

    • Hey James… It was so long ago we last chit-chatted.

      Bollocks… I would sell you my engine but I’m not ready for that swap yet… Maybe in 2-3 years if I get lucky finding that RR code 20v /wink

      • It has been a long time. There’s a guy semi-locally that builds subaru engines that I could buy a mill from, but I kind of want to do a replica of the WRC2004 car. Prodrive running gear, telemetry, etc…

        Then again, all of that takes money and I just don’t have much of that action.

        Shitty to hear about your back. I ruined mine logging a few years back and can commiserate on the debilitating pain. Not a single day goes by where my back and legs don’t hurt.

    • Sounds like my original plan not long after I purchased the car in 2003. It came pretty close but then my mind got twisted with nostalgia.

      By the way, you might have noticed a German replica license plate “WRC – 2004” in my garage pictures? If you’re interested it is yours if you cover shipping… I have no further use for it.

      • Heck yeah! I saw that in a few pics but it just went into the part of my brain that catalogs cool stuff. I’d get you some scratch for that, what your address and I’ll figure out the shipping?

      • Heck yeah! I’ll send more than that since I’m in Washington now. I’ll make it worth your while.

      • You can change the last digits of the PayPal link in the address bar to easily send the amount of your choosing. i.e. “20” is for 20 bucks, “30” is for 30 bucks, and so on.

      • Ok. Done deal. Thanks! I can’t wait to put this up in my shop that doesn’t exist outside of my brain, yet.

      • Yup I got it. Thanks James.

        Your imaginary shop sounds like my Recce RallySport gig… The rally team and shop that will never be. Well that’s not true… if it’s in my brain then it is real enough. For me. /wink

      • I went so far as to get an engineering degree to support my desire to be on a racing team. Now I sell/manage industrial piping projects. Anybody that thinks success is a straight line hasn’t ever actually been successful.

        All I have to do is persevere and I’ll get my goal… If I don’t lose my mind first.

      • Hi Jay! The plate is badass, I got it last night! Thank you very much! Where is it from? Are those German tags on it?

      • Hi James,

        Glad to see it came in “unbended”…

        I don’t recall where it came from. I only recall that it was a special order I’ve placed with an intermediary. Yes, those are Germany tags.

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