4 comments on “BLOG NEWS / My Website – 6 Months Later

  1. I too am an email update guy, but I do head here to the blog to wander around from time to time.

    I really enjoyed all the WRC/rallycross stuff on here. I find all of that super interesting (as well as keeping up with your builds) 🙂

  2. To give some feedback on the click through etc. I am definitely one of those people who look and read things quickly and misty of the time on the fly. I don’t know if you have any control over it or not but after subscribing to the email notification the entire new post comes in the email. Having already seen/read the build thread I only follow up with the updates. I read them all but just in my email, netting you no clicks/views.

    Since I often read on my phone on the go. If was a way to simply send me a notification email but force me to click a link to read the content i alone would raise your starts a bit.

    • Hey Matt, thanks for your time.

      Yes, I was aware that people who are subscribed and read updates via email do not make my view count increase. Don’t worry, I know that my subscribers check my stuff and honestly the view count itself is not important. However, it does affect the specific post views which can make me believe that no one was interested in it.

      For now, there’s no way for me to change how you guys receive updates. The only thing I can suggest is that, if you have the time and can live with the extra hassle, come to my blog to read them instead. I say that for one important reason: I OFTEN make edits, changes, and additions to update posts. You CANNOT see those changes with the email update. Basically, you get the original draft version and not the final version. I think that you can subscribe to changes in the drafts but I would not recommend it as I may make something like 10+ corrections in 15 minutes time. You’d get swarmed with emails. Something I reckon you wouldn’t want…

      I am lucky that you guys read it at all (or most of it). I try to return the favor to my best readers but I often fail miserably at this. I can make excuses like my projects eat up too much of my time but I know I should try and do better.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

      PS: by the way, you can also subscribe to replies in comments so that you can get an email notification when I or somebody else responds to it. It’s an option I think you get when posting a comment… cheers!

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