2 comments on “RALLYING / More FIA RX Facts & Wheelbase Comparisons

  1. Wow, those rally cross cars are huge! I never realized the Group B machines (specifically the T16 and MG) were so damn big. The 037 has a Subaru size front overhang so despite the WB its still not the ultra compact machine I thought it to be.

    One more to add to the stack is the RS200 at 99.6 which is also much bigger than I thought.

    Wabi Sabi really is shortening the short bus!

    • I too was surprised. I think that it’s their wide stance and very short overhangs that fools the eyes. I mean, those hatch platforms have near nonexistent rear overhangs. However, it seems that the engineers have spent a lot of time maximizing wheelbases for extra stability and interior space.

      Aye, I was certain that those Group B monsters would all be in the 80 inches range. They did, however, all sport near 50/50 bias (maybe with the help of well placed ballasts though). I’m a bit surprised at the RS200 too but it’s the info I got online. It sure looks like a tiny car from the pictures!

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