8 comments on “RANT / Very Bad Prying Neighbor…

  1. I’m not condoning anything, however, the power of an unemployed mechanical engineer, coupled with a person who can fabricate anything under the sun, is a force to be reckoned with. Sound force, in fact. Something along these lines:
    Except in the sub-hearing range.

    Think about it, a few minutes a night, on a timer maybe, where everybody in the house shits their beds. Inexplicable!

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • Haha… is that weapon a spin-off of the US Army’s experimental diarrhea gun? Oh yeah, how fun would it be to see him down on the floor in gastric pains covered in his own shit…

  2. Aren’t there restraining orders up there? It’s obvious the guy is harassing you and your family, and you lived there long before he did.

    • That said, dude’s apparently a fucking queer asshole with a tiny, jealous baby penis, hence why he’s always staring at you guys. Chances are all the “friends” in the police fore hate his guts too; hard for people like this idiot to hard their true nature for too long from others.

      • He’s the kind of guy that puts his nose everywhere hoping to get favors in return. We got confirmation of his bad character by some people, including a plumber, and a fellow city worker. He’s the kind of guy that comes in like he’s king of all things and you must follow his orders even though he knows nothing. We’ve had a few opportunities to gloat at him when he left with his Mazda pickup to go dump dirt in a nearby empty lot and came back hooked by a tow truck with his airbags deployed. The idiot tried to jump a ditch and that made his airbags go off. Yesterday, he broke a back glass of his Nissan while shoveling sand in his truck bed. He’s an incompetent drunken douche, plain and simple.

        Sadly, it’s a only question of time until something bad happens as he seem hellbent not to give us the peace and privacy that we want. He’s an asshole and I truly wish that he suffers a work related fatal accident. Normally, I’d never wish something like that to someone…

    • Well, my father does say that he might have no choice but to complain to the police eventually. However, I don’t see how a restraining order would help since him staring us down from his property is the main source of friction between us. There’s no laws against that. This guy is a nosing clown and doesn’t want to change his ways even after multiple warnings. He once said to my father in an argument that if he’d knew he’d get lousy neighbors like us that he would not have built here. My dad told him to sell his fucking house and move elsewhere since we were here first.

      • Well, I’m with you on wishing for a fatal accident for this dumbshit. Sucks that a restraining order might not work, but how about a “no-contact order”; similar concept, but basically he wopuld be restricted from talking to you at all.

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